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David's experience as a Dealer Principal has given him first hand experience in the importance of good motor trade personnel. Management skills, sales skills and technical skills are all required for running a successful Franchised Motor Dealership. We understand that a manager's time is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers, staff and senior management, leaving little time for recruitment. Recruiting the right staff can be a time consuming and costly process.

As an employer there is always the option of advertising your vacancies. As an agency we do too-and are aware of the advantages that it can offer. However, we also know of the many disadvantages that come too. Would you want to take the risk of advertising, reading through applications and arranging interviews only to employ somebody and have them leave after a couple of weeks. Take comfort in the fact that if anything does go wrong all our candidates are covered by a guarantee.

Why not just leave the hard work to us? We offer a complete recruitment service, from advertising, search and selection, even psychometric testing if requested. We are cost effective having a candidate database of experienced personnel. Our rates are very competitive and there is no cost to our client until a candidate is employed by you.

Our existing clients prove we offer a professional and cost effective service, not only do they come back to us, but often refer us to other clients.